How to Win Local SEO – Free Lesson

How to Win Local SEO

What does "Local SEO" mean and how does it affect your business?

Local SEO is the term that relates to how well you rank in the search engines when someone in your area does a search for your services. If a potential customer "Googles" a problem or request that your company can solve, at the very least you want to be on the first page of results. Better still, grab that number 1 spot. This can be achieved by both following the Google guidelines and ensuring your website offers a useful, honest, visually appealing and easy to navigate user experience.

How important is it? Just take a look at the chart on Google Trends...

How to Win Local SEO

That's some really consistent searches and do you know what? Many of those local SEO searches are being done by your local business competitors wanting to learn how to beat your business in the search results.

Local SEO for My Business

The catalyst for this blog post came from a phone call I received only an hour ago. I had an enquiry from a company on the other side of the UK, in the north, and my immediate thought was "I'll have to pass this on to someone else". 

However, they were actually enquiring about a job fairly close to me in Sherborne, Dorset about 25 miles away. This is a £695 day rate aerial photography job. So how did he find me? It's sometimes worth asking your client after they have booked you. Until you have the contract, it's probably best to show confidence not surprise that they found you. 

He was searching for "drone roof inspections Sherborne".

Now, when I first thought I might get into drone work to compliment my photography and video business back in 2014, I got to work on my website. I built a sales page long before I bought a drone knowing that it would take a while to become established. 

Because of the work I did on the page, site and my blog, I won that elusive number one spot right away. I have been there for over 5 years for a number of varying but related search terms. I have received a LOT of work because of this in a highly saturated business space. This is what we teach in depth in the SEO course in My Net Prophet.

Local SEO on Google Search

Let's look at a number of related search terms that my business gets found for locally and where I rank with regards to drone work. To do this, I am using an "incognito" browser which means my search won't be influenced by any previous searches I have made.

Click on each image below to see my search results (after the ads). On some, I even rank number one AND two for that term. The first is the location of this job, the second is my hometown, the third is a large, airport town in our county and the fourth is the county itself.

Drone Roof Inspections Sherborne

"Drone Roof Inspections Sherborne"

Drone Roof Inspections Weymouth

"Drone Roof Inspections Weymouth"

Drone Roof Inspections Bournemouth

"Drone Roof Inspections Bournemouth"

Drone Roof Inspections Dorset

"Drone Roof Inspections Dorset"

Next, I removed the word "roof" and searched again...

Drone Inspections Sherborne

"Drone Inspections Sherborne"

Drone Inspections Weymouth

"Drone Inspections Weymouth"

Drone Inspections Bournemouth

"Drone Inspections Bournemouth"

Drone Inspections Dorset

"Drone Inspections Dorset"

Results for most local searches can be won by making the most of good on site and off site SEO, blogging and various other ways that we teach. Local SEO is something I am almost sure that I can win for either my own businesses or those of my clients. 

My Net Prophet doesn't just teach you how to get your own business to the top of the search rankings on Google, Bing, Ecosia etc. We also teach you how you can offer that service for other local businesses that aren't related to your niche for a healthy additional income!

If I can teach you how to win ONE JOB from ONE SEARCH TERM for your business like the above, that revenue will more than likely cover the cost of My Net Prophet AND a year's VIP membership in one go.

What if I can also teach you how to convert the skills you will learn on local SEO into earning money by doing this for local businesses in your area*? Does that sound like good value to you? So...

  1. 1
    Buy your domain and start building your website before anything else. Give Google time to index and rank it!
  2. 2
    Learn how to build a solid, well-written SEO focused website with us
  3. 3
    Build your promo/services page as soon as possible
  4. 4
    Blog each job that you do for your clients

*Please DO NOT become one of those people that sends spammy SEO "I can get you to number one on Google" emails. Local clients are best found in business groups, clubs and breakfast meetings. Personal contact through appropriate channels are way more credible and professional so get "face to face" wherever you can. Of course, building a page on your site offering this service, pumping ads to it and allowing customers to find you organically works a treat too!

Local SEO is just one of many lessons we teach on how to build an online business and improve the online presence for your offline business. Add to that the other courses, social groups and the business directory and you can start to accelerate the success of your business right away. 

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