But It’s Just a Website?

But its Just a Website
But its Just a Website

Why do you charge so much?

If you are a current web designer, "but it's just a website" is something you may have heard already when you send your quote. If you are planning to go into this line of work after completing our courses, this is something you will more than likely hear at some point. I know I certainly have.

A decent, professional web designer will incorporate so much more than a simple website build into their business model. The aim is for a website to work for the client and bring in business. Make sure they know all the main aspects. On and offline SEO, the importance of good web hosting, structuring a website to look good on PC and mobile devices for a start.

I may receive an enquiry for a fairly extensive website. One that requires multiple pages and multiple, necessary features that require a fair bit of work. I then put a quote together outlining the costs involved including my recommended resources and business rate only to receive negative feedback.

This is why I always suggest to my students that you only give a price at a "face to face" meeting.

If you can get in front of a potential client, you have more time to explain things in more detail.  You can also show them samples of your work. At the same time, be sure to show them everything that you do when building websites because that should illustrate and justify your costs:

1. Examine and Assess Their Current Website

Before giving any quote, it is important to see where their current website stands. How old is it? What platform is it built on (hopefully WordPress)? What template does it use? How much content is there? How many pages, images and videos? Existing size matters.

2. Where Is the Site Hosted?

With websites becoming more competetive these days, speed is of the utmost importance. They must also look and play the part which means the use of add-ons and plugins to give a better user experience. All requiring good hosting and not run-of-the-mill shared hosting.

3. What Features Do They Need?

Websites vary massively with regards to what the customer wants and needs. Some may just require a simple 5 page set-up. Others may need a full on, multi-page website with client engagement, blog, fresh images and videos etc. That all takes time and costs extra.

I like to use analogies to emphasise the differing costs. For example:

Nick Stubbs

-Web designer-

With all due respect Mrs Doe, not all websites are created equally. After all, you don't expect all Smartphones to cost the same do you? Some have way more features and functionality that others and websites are no different. I hope that makes sense? Let's discuss what you need...

I also point out that...

"I have 15 years experience in website creation and have trained extensively in SEO. My aim is to not only build you a good looking website, but to build one that ultimately gets found. One that will bring you more business. I am sure that you see the value in a site that brings in more business as opposed to one that never gets seen Mrs Doe?"

Charge what you are worth

You see, the more skills you add to your arsenal, the more valuable you are and the more you can charge. Having extensive and specialised knowledge in website creation and online marketing is a must. It will give you and your business more scope for growth. My Net Prophet starts that journey for you by training you in:

  • Building great looking websites that work
  • Writing and selling eBooks for sales or marketing
  • Shooting and selling stock video, not just online

So there you go, it's not just a website. Website design is a brilliant, home-based business that, in my opinion, anyone can do. The higher your skillset, the more you can charge and if you can incorporate any of the skills covered in our other courses above, your income will increase accordingly.

This is a legitimate business and our courses are designed to give you the best start possible. Add to that our social media VIP membership and you have all the support you need both from myself and other members. Find out more below and join us today.

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