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Thank you so much, now check out our quick tips on how to collect testimonials!

Testimonials Thank You

Now that you have been through the process of leaving a testimonial for My Net Prophet, it is only right that I show you how to benefit from this for your own business. Testimonials are often overlooked (including by myself) as they are sometimes seen as “hassling” people. By using the ingenious Thrive Ovation from Thrive Themes, all that pain is taken away from you. 

Imagine the scenario. You have just completed a job, course, contract or service for a customer and you reach that awkward situation where you ask for a testimonial. “What if they say no? What if they aren’t happy with my work…will they tell me to my face? Could I handle that?.

With Thrive Ovation, everyone feels more comfortable. You can simply direct your client to a testimonial page (like this one that you used) so you don’t feel like you are hassling them. Your client can then go to that page in their own time where they can leave an honest testimonial without either hurting your feelings or feeling pressured into being overly nice.

Similar to what we have done here, you can also offer a bonus of some sort by forwarding them to a page like this once completed. Just make sure that this page isn’t indexed by Google or linked to from anywhere else. If you are giving away discount codes or downloads, the last thing you want is for this to be found in search engines.

  • Discount on a future purchase
  • Limited time discount on a future course (scarcity marketing)
  • Free eBook (including affiliate links throughout)
  • Access to additional, free training (with call to action to more paid training)

To start collecting testimonials right away, get started with Thrive Themes for a paultry $19pm, and start gathering your own testimonials.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Please note that the links to Thrive Themes above are affiliate links. If you buy through those links, Thrive Themes pay me a referral commission but you don’t pay any more. As an additional bit of training, if you hover over the Thrive Themes link above and look in the bottom left corner of your screen, the url is showing as:

This hides all the “obvious” affiliate details that are normally shown. I.e.:

This is done by using another great marketing tool, Thirsty Affiliates. By the way, that is another affiliate link.

I talk about Thirsty Affiliates in the course but as a recap, here is why TA is so useful.

I once had an affiliate set up with a software company in the US. It only took a short while to set up but it was earning me around €2-3000 per month. I had affiliate links everywhere. Within eBooks, websites, downloads, YouTube videos…

The trouble started when the company changed their affiliate system AND url’s not once, but twice! This meant ALL of my affiliate links were dead and the income pretty much stopped. I had no way of updating those links. I am not sure whether this was intentional or not but I had brought them well over half a million $ worth of sales.

If Thirsty Affiliates was around then, ALL I would have needed to do was go into my TA affiliate account, add the new affiliate link and voila! All of my links, wherever they were in the world, would have been updated. Can you see the power of Thirsty Affiliates?

Final tip. ALWAYS “no follow” your affiliate links otherwise Google will seriously penalise your site.

Affiliate Rules and No Follow Links

Thanks again for your testimonials and I hope the tips above helped. I will add a video here soon with more information and “thank you” tips.

Nick Stubbs - My Net Prophet

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