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Mini Course Part 2

I hope you are enjoying our mini-course. Please watch the second video below.

Plate Spinning

Video 1 - Plate Spinning

How to ride the waves and weather the storms

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Video 2 - New Skills

Learn what you can do with your new skillset

Video-3-Whats Next

Video 3 - What's Next?

The next steps to take to a brighter future

2. Three Ways To Use The Skills Taught at My Net Prophet

After 15 years of building websites, creating and selling products, writing eBooks and selling digital media, I started to look into what was the most important and focus my attention there.

Looking back at my successes, failures and "meh" moments, one or two skills (three actually) and all the different levels within, stood out from the rest. These skills now play a pivotal part in most aspects of my current business dealings. They are what we teach you in My Net Prophet and this is how you can benefit from not only learning these skills, but excelling at them.

1. Building WordPress Websites

Why Use WordPress

Why WordPress? Are they sinking or rising to the top? Let's look at their timeline...

  1. 1
    May 27th 2003 - WordPress 1.0 released
  2. 2
    May 2004 - Version 1.2 released with plug-in addition
  3. 3
    Feb 2005 (the year of my first HTML website) - Version 1.5
  4. 4
    Dec 2005 - WordPress 2.0 with new admin dashboard
  5. 5
    June 2010 - WordPress 3.0 with major overhaul and default themes
  6. 6
    2013 - Version 3.7 with auto updates
  7. 7
    April 2014 - Version 3.9 released with drag and drop functionality
  8. 8
    Late 2014 - WordPress 4.0 and 4.1 released
  9. 9
    2015 - WordPress 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 released
  10. 10
    2016 - Versions 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 released with new features and improvements
  11. 11
    2017 - WordPress 4.8 and 4.9 released with new block editor
  12. 12
    2018 - WordPress 5.0 released with Gutenberg
  13. 13
    2020 - WordPress goes from strength to strength with regular updates

WordPress wasn't really on the radar when I started building websites seriously in 2005 so I had to painstakingly code all my sites using HTML and CSS styling. What a PITA!

It wasn't until 2015, when I noticed WordPress was coming on leaps and bounds, that I decided to make the jump. The first site I moved over had over 1200 pages and the move took around 6 months due to the different url structure. Hard work...

The long and short of it is, if you plan to start building websites for whatever reason, choose your weapons wisely. WordPress has come on so strongly in the past few years it is difficult to justify any other move. Not only that, some serious boffins have created a wealth of products that add incredible functionality and features to WordPress.

It is so simple and actually fun to build sites nowadays! Once you know how.

So What?

The fact that most business owners either now have outdated WordPress websites that are in desperate need of updating or are looking to build a new website, means there is work to be had and money to be made. That is alongside any entrepreneurial adventures you may undertake.

Our website creation course will give you the foundations, tools and SEO skills to be able to build your own conversion-focused, easily found and stunning website AND to build them for other people. Despite the rise in popularity of social media platforms, websites are going to be around for a long time yet as the two compliment each other perfectly.

Most people use Smartphones and computers to search Google for answers and Google still predominantly presents websites and videos in their search results.

We go through all the ways you can make money by building websites including affiliate sales, advertising, product reviews, sponsorship and product creation and sales. The choice is yours whether you choose one route or all of them like me.

One Last Thing On Websites

When you see what is involved in building a website like My Net Prophet, you would think I had a team of people helping me. There are so many assets, features and software programs to "knit" together, you may think it is too much for one person to achieve. When I first started, I never dreamed that I could build something so complex but anyone can do this. You just need to build that first web page.

When you get to a certain skill level, there are one or two ways you can charge top Dollar for your services. Writing and filming the content as well as building this particular site took me 5 months. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don't see and certainly don't use for an every day, standard website.

So imagine how long it would take an untrained novice or beginner to build a normal website let alone something like this? I could save those business owners bags of time and money and so could you once you learn how to. In fact I am going to test one very special idea in my local area very soon and then share the results in the course.

Two Opportunites

1. Build it for them

Once you know how to build a good-looking website with a solid SEO foundation, you could charge around £1500 - £2000  to build a small, 10-page website. This might take around 4-5 days depending on how quick you are so that is a fairly good income. Four a month would be very nice.

You could then, either "leave them to it" or upsell them your maintenance and updating service for a regular, monthly fee.

2. No up front cost

An alternative, for people who can't afford that up-front fee, is this. Using the tools we teach in My Net Prophet, you could offer a much lower set up fee (say £250 or even free) with a monthly charge of around £60-£100 ongoing. Of course, these figures depend on the size of the site you are building.

You would then build the site for them and once a month, you would spend 30-60 minutes updating the site, running a few checks and maybe adding one blog post. If they wanted additional blog posts, new pages etc, you could have a price list for additional services based on an hourly rate.

So, over time you may build a client base of 50 websites which bring in between £3000 - £5000 a month for 25-50 hours work. Sound good? It is and it is 100% doable...just become that asset!

The beauty of being a VIP member is that you have other members to draw on for advice and myself to ask for guidance. I want to mentor people to success so you don't feel alone when getting stuck into the online, and offline business world.

You see, what I love to do with my students is share these ideas. After all, I can't do everything and be everywhere in this business. Some of the ideas I share with you have the potential to earn a lot of money and all you need to do is learn those skills.

2. Shooting and Selling Stock Video

Selling Stock Video

Video is huge. Coming from a 30+ year background in photography, video was an obvious addition and progression for me. In fact I remember "editing" and splicing together my first cine film many years ago. My first serious video shoot was filming the British band "Girls Aloud" at a wedding in Italy...great stuff!

I saw the digital photography boom start in around the turn of the century and focused my business efforts there for many years. Since around 2007, I have been teaching and slowly incorporating video into my work and more recently it has take a front row seat. Corporate video production and aerial video taking up most of my time.

15 years ago, stock photography was booming and I made well into six figures with it. Nowadays, stock video has taken over due to there being many more YouTuber's, influencers, Instagram'ers and indie film makers.

You may notice that a lot of these guys "drop in" additional clips to their work and most of that comes from stock agencies. Stock video is way more easy than stock photography and the returns are larger. Especially for 4K video.


The best thing about learning to shoot and sell stock video is this. Whilst honing your video skills and hopefully selling clips online, you can also learn to produce and edit short videos for your business. Whether they are informational videos, corporate shorts or training videos, this is a skill well worth learning.

We teach enough in My Net Prophet to get you started and then offer ongoing support and advice for VIP members. You will also learn some of my ideas that have worked and brought in some great money for very simple work. I also teach the pitfalls and what to look out for.

For now, I would suggest that you look at the cameras you currently have, even a decent smart phone will do for now, and get used to filming things around you. If you are serious about shooting video, and as a beginner, one camera I would massively recommend is the Panasonic GH5.

It is a few years old now but it was so ahead of its time when released. It had more features included than any other camera on the market and cameras being released now are still only just beating it for quality. Check out the second hand prices or head over to Amazon to see what is available.

When you are ready, come and join us inside and learn all the other things you can do with video besides selling clips online.

3. Writing eBooks

Writing and Selling eBooks

Your first thought might be "why eBooks"? I have never written anything in my life!

Well, try not to see eBooks necessarily as novels, biography's, epic fictions etc. Because eBooks come in a variety of easy-to-publish formats, there is so much more you can do with them.

For example, have you ever come across a website that has a special offer? Perhaps a cheat sheet for something you are having problems with? Losing weight, recipes, self help or personal development to name a few.

That cheat sheet or download...or even a full eBook is normally in PDF format for which you have to give your email address. That then gets you into a funnel where you receive more useful information that usually leads to a sales pitch of some sort. All quite normal.

I have downloaded numerous such things and then gone on to purchase the product. Especially with regards to guitar lessons. It's simply the way the online commercial world operates.


I searched online (Google) for some simple tips for learning guitar back in late 2017 after I bought my first electric guitar. One site I came across offered a downloadable file (eBook) with all the main chords amongst various other "guitar novice" tips.

Once in their funnel, I received more free training as well as access to 30 free videos on their website.

Once there, and once I had got to "know" the instructor, I was invited to an online live training session with 499 other people. At the end of it, the guy offered a lifetime access to his full online courses for a special price.

I immediately took him up on it and it was the best thing I could have dome for my guitar playing.

You see, eBooks can used for anything from a simple, downloadable cheat sheet to a full on, 400-page book on your expert or passion-driven topic. The possibilities are endless and anyone can write an eBook. You just need to know where to start and how to "get it out there".

For this course you are learning about right now, I decided to go the online training route rather than an eBook due to the video content. I could have easily converted this mini-course into a short eBook without video though. Does that make sense?

Don't agree with or like sales funnels? I bet you've been through a few.

Sales Funnels-McDonalds

"Like Fries With That?"

That's a sales funnel

Ads get you in the store, you make a purchase and the assistant upsells you.

Sales Funnels- New Car

"Extended Warranty?"

That's a sales funnel

See ad, go to showroom, buy car, salesman offers an extended warranty.

Sales Funnels - Supermarket

"Magazine? Chocolates?"

That's a sales funnel

You do your weekly shop and the checkout is littered with upsells and goodies!

Tools and Tips

I have known people to take months writing their first eBook but then pay little attention to sales and distribution. Writing an eBook in Microsoft Word, converting it to a PDF document and simply putting it on Amazon or building a page on your website for it to be sold simply won't do.

You need to learn how to create the best looking eBook possible...

My Net Prophet eBook

...and then what you need to do to promote that eBook for the maximum sales.

In My Net Prophet, I show you the method for creating your first eBook AND ways to make it not only fun but a breeze to achieve. I also teach you some additional website creation and sales & marketing techniques to help in whatever way you wish to promote or sell that eBook.

Tying It All Together

Once you have been through all 3 courses, you will see how you can use all three skills to your massive advantage. Not only for your online business, but for your offline business too. You can also use these skills to help other people with their businesses.

Think about it.

You build a great looking website that starts to get traffic. You then either offer that traffic a free eBook to get them in your "funnel" or you sell a full on eBook on whatever subject you specialise in.

You then use your video skills to either create a sales video OR to create some free, or paid additional training videos on your website.

When you get this and start taking action, you will start to see endless possibilities for building a highly profitable online business whilst being able to offer the same or similar services offline.

If you decide to become a VIP member of My Net Prophet today by clicking the button below, you will get ongoing training, new courses in the future, feedback on your efforts from myself and other members and all the support and encouragement you could need.

Still not ready? Look out for tomorrow's video/training on the next steps to take or schedule a quick Zoom chat with myself using the calendar below and I'll look forward to talking with you.

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