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Course Launch Enrollments end on September 30th 2020


Have you been struggling to get started with your online business? Maybe you've seen and tried courses that are way over your head with little to no support? Perhaps you're new to the online business world or need help promoting your offline business?

I've been there and I get it which is why I created a course that will take anyone, from any background with any idea, passion, interest, hobby or skill and turn it into a structured, viable and sustainable online business. Not only that, you will love the VIP social aspect that we've added to these courses to offer the best support! This also works for local businesses looking to build upon and expand their offline business with the help of the internet.

Back in 2004 I had an 18 month old son and a daughter on the way. Being a father was something I had dreamed of for years and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

I had spent 10+ years in the corporate world of finance and then sales and the long hours didn't appeal any more.

I wanted to be at home as much as possible to see all those little things that only happen once. Their first words, first steps, first ride on a bike etc.

I was also FED UP having a boss, deadlines, stress, long commutes etc. Life shouldn't be like that.

To make matters worse, when the economy went bad in Spain where we lived at the time, I was made redundant with a 2 year old son and pregnant wife and we were just a few weeks away from signing for a large mortgage!

I felt vulnerable at the most important time of my life...I wasn't in control which was worrying. A chance conversation with a friend late 2004 changed all that.

Working from Home 2006

Working from home 2006

On February 9th 2005 I bought a domain, created the first page of my first ever website and my online business was born (now received nearly 20m visitors)

15 years later and I am still working from home fully in control of my life. I have enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of being a dad and yes, I got to see all those wonderful things with my kids. I am so grateful to that friend!

No, I haven't made millions like the people on "those ads" that you see but I feel like a billionnaire. I've had 5-figure years and I've had 6-figure years and I could have scaled my business massively, but my personal choice was to find the perfect work/life balance and that is what I did. That is what I want to teach you!

I jokingly tell people I retired at 37 (I'm now 53) and have been enjoying my "hobbies" (work) and family ever since! This doesn't feel like work.

What I want to teach you is how to replicate that life

I'd love to get you started with a solid and sustainable foundation for your business and show you how to build on that to whatever level you want.

Working from Home 2020

Working from home 2020

Learn to start an online business

Introducing My Net Prophet

We have taken three of the most common elements of running an online business and created an online course for each to get you started regardless of prior experience. Don't be fooled though... Each course not only teaches you that topic but we've added extensive marketing and SEO training, inspirational business ideas, quizzes and certificates. Plus each course has its own private group and discussion forum for ongoing VIP support from the course tutor and members.

You'll see inside that just one idea, out of many I show you, could easily pay for this entire course and one year of VIP membership!

Special offer! Enroll during launch and get a 30% discount !

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once signed up and registered, you get instant access to all 3 courses.

Building a WordPress Website

It's so much more than a website. Learn to build an online business empire that can do multiple things from affiliate marketing, product sales and client acquisition.

Create and Sell eBooks

Create and Sell eBooks

It's not just selling eBooks Online.  Learn to research, write, create, produce and market your eBooks to sell or use as lead magnets, product promotion and more.

Shoot and Sell Stock Video

It's not just selling stock video. Learn to shoot great video that can be sold online, sold to local businesses, used for your own promotional videos & more.

The connection between the three may not be obvious at first. However, when you see how they tie together and what you can do with your newly acquired skills, all will fall into place. You will not only learn how to build the foundations of a great online business but you will learn how to monetise those skills offline too!

All in all, you will learn vaulable skills that will earn you both a residual online income and allow you to demand top Dollar from clients in the offline world. The courses are linear which means you need to complete each lesson in succession. At the end of each course, you have a quiz which when passed, will unlock your course certificate.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Become a VIP Member

 If you choose to join our VIP membership, you will also have instant access to the entire social media section where you can like, follow, connect and collaborate with fellow students for as long as you remain a member. You also get access to the group forums, live training and Q & A plus any additional courses that are added in the future! We will also be adding private mentoring and website analysis for members as well as a business directory (now live) to kickstart your website, business and SEO.

Bonus: The first 20 people to sign up for the courses and VIP membership will receive a free website analysis of their current or future site once it is built.

WordPress Web Design and SEO

Extensive, experienced advice on building a profitable website (with pro SEO training) that gets found by search engines and clients alike. Actually enjoy building your website as though it was a bricks and mortar business.

Whether you want to learn local business marketing and client acquisition for your offline business or start to build an online affiliate, product, information or membership website, this is definitely for you.

Create and Sell Your Own eBooks

When people think of eBooks, they think of simply selling a book online. Due to the easy delivery of electronic data, there is so much more you can do with eBooks, large or small, that will benefit your on & offline business.

We teach you all aspects of creating your first eBook from brainstorning ideas, formulating the content, marketing the eBook and how to use this new skill to get new clients, new customers and to generate leads.

Enhance Your Video Skills for Profit

Brush up on your video skills and learn how you can easily shoot, upload and sell your clips as stock video online. Once your videos are on the agency website, they are there forever with the chance of residual income.

On top of that, learn how I used simple video clips to sell to the Weather Channel in the US and acquire a lucrative new client in my hometown. Learn how easily you can do the same starting with your Smartphone for now.

Ongoing Support and Training

When you become a VIP member, you will receive ongoing training, new courses, live Q & A's and plenty of support through our course groups and discussion forums. Support comes from me and existing members.

Be part of a cool community where you can like, follow, connect with and collaborate with like-minded members on business ideas. Maybe you'll just make a bunch of great new friends whilst building your online business?

Here’s What You DON'T Get When You Sign Up

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, you are in the wrong place. In fact there is no such place so please stop looking. Believe me, over the years I have looked myself for that Golden Goose but it doesn't exist.

The only way to create a sustainable and successful online (or offline) business is through hard work with no exceptions unless you get "really lucky". What we are offering at My Net Prophet is a way to reach that success but in a way that is simple to understand and totally enjoyable.

If you end up loving what you do for a living like I have done for over 15 years whilst freeing up your time to enjoy life as well, what could be better?

A Business for Everyone

Find Your Tribe

It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, shy or outgoing and your personal beliefs on anything certainly don't matter in business. We all have a "tribe" out there waiting for us. The beauty of the internet is that you have access to BILLIONS of people. Imagine how many "you's" there are out there? Look at the image above...what's the one thing they all have in common?

A nice SMILE! That's it. In a world that seems a little crazy right now, a simple smile can make all the difference no matter who you are or where you come from. 

The growing online world means you have exponentially more chance and opportunities to find, connect with, learn from and teach people just like you. There are many people out there that could either benefit from what you know or would love to follow, share and hear more about what you are passionate about. The internet is about to get so much more important in our lives so get involved and start looking for your tribe today!

Once again, here's what you get

There are three courses for people that just want to learn and a fantastic VIP social membership for the rest.


Course 1: Building a WordPress Website That Works!

You may think building a WordPress website is just adding some text, photos and videos and the magic will happen. That simply isn't the case. In this course you will learn how to create a beautiful looking, conversion-focused and engaging website that ranks highly on search engines bringing more traffic and leads to your business.


Course 2: How to Create and Sell eBooks

Why would you want to create and sell eBooks? Maybe you have never thought about it? Well, the benefits of learning this skill are huge. You can either create eBooks to simply sell on Amazon or via your conversion-focused website or you can give them away as lead magnets. You can also easily create them for other people for a fee.


Course 3: How to Shoot and Sell Stock Video

Learning to shoot and sell stock video isn't just useful for selling short clips through online agencies. Here you will learn how filming simple clips in your local town or city throughout the year can lead to high ticket sales and profitable business relationships as well as helping your articles and blog posts to get found on Google and YouTube.


Get VIP Social: Groups, Q & A's, Like, Follow, Connect...

VIP members will beneft from the social features of My Net Prophet. Those include liking, following and connecting with like-minded members and access to our Q & A sessions and live training. VIP members also have access to future courses plus course groups where you can receive ongoing help, support, idea sharing and more.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Todor Testimonial


Public Sector

Over the last ten years I have invested in a number of courses with Nick. These include a 1:1 course covering stock and business, as well as his on-line photography courses which have allowed me to make decent incomes in addition to a full time career.

I have recently completed the My Net Prophet course and am very impressed with the quality of information and detail that has been provided in each course.

Nick seems to have a real knack to cover topics in such minute detail separating the noise from the signal. You don’t switch off like in some other courses where the person never really stays on topic and just "waffles".

Although I shoot stock I still found it useful covering the stock video course ensuring I am up to date with changes and developments in this field. The stand out course for me, however, has to be the eBook one. I was very impressed with what can be achieved when you have a passion, experience and knowledge in a product. Nick was able to go through the process from start to finish and even show the basics of leading software which supports you getting your book off the ground once you have completed it.

I wholeheartedly recommend this course - more than anything Nick does not forget about you after you have finished and paid him like other places. He will take the time to keep in touch and selflessly answer your queries/concerns.

A true mentor and teacher.

Chris Kemp Testimonial




Hi, I'm Chris and I am a full time wedding photographer who has been looking to broaden my skills as a creative. I've been following Nick's teaching and courses for some time now and it was one of his earlier wedding photography courses that put me in a good position to make wedding photography my full time career!

Therefore I knew that My Net Prophet would be a great place to learn and in particular the Stock Video course is an incredible learning tool. Well delivered and very informative! I can't wait to put my learning into action!

Thanks Nick for always inspiring.

Sue - My Net Prophet



All explained in detail, so that a beginner like me, can follow along easily. These courses will help me launch a complete package.

I originally wanted to take this course for the WordPress module. However, having then dipped into the other modules (eBooks and videos), I have realised that the 3 aspects work well together and totally compliment each other.

I will have 2 main arms to my business and can set up both seperately, but have them linked together with supporting information ebooks and videos demonstrating my 2 areas. Nick explains things in a way that makes sense, without lots of technical jargon that is commonly found in other courses. I will be able to set up a comprehensive, self styled website and have the videos and ebooks to back it up.

Thank you Nick, this is great :)


Bonuses for Joining During Launch!

What we are NOT going to do is offer some highly price-inflated and massive bonuses to people enrolling in our courses. We've seen launches before where the bonuses are bigger than what you are buying which only serves to overwhelm people, especially beginners. Where would you start!?!? We feel the best thing we can offer is a generous discount for people joining us during the launch with a couple of other bonuses thrown in.

None of these will detract you from jumping straight in and getting started on your business right away.

Bonus 1
30% Discount!

If you buy either the three courses alone or with the VIP membership during our launch, you will receive a 30% discount.

Get access to the three courses for 30% off the regular price and get VIP membership for £20pm.

Remember, just one idea that we give you in one of the courses could potentially earn your investment back in no time.

Bonus 2
Free Full Website Analysis

The first 20 people to sign up for the courses PLUS VIP membership will receive a full analysis of their current website. If you have yet to build one, we'll do a full analysis of your site once built.

This will include a 30 minute Zoom call to take you through everything we find or recommend.

Your website should be the main focus of your online business and we'll help to get you there.

Bonus 3
Free eBook

Once you join, you will find a link to download the original eBook written prior to these courses: 

"Ideas to Start Your Own Online Business"

Inside the 110 pages, you will learn what used to work well but now needs a little more effort as well as what works well today. This will save you weeks, if not months of time trying to find out for yourself what direction you should take.

About The Course Tutor,
Nick Stubbs

Nick started his working life in chartered accountancy but quickly moved into credit management and then later, into sales, marketing and coaching. He also runs a successful photography, video and aerial business alongside his online network.

Back in 2011, his accountant secretly put him forward for the "Entrepreneur of the Year" in South and West Dorset. Nick won the award based on his online business which included a 900-strong membership site, various products and affiliate work.

Nick Stubbs Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
Nick Stubbs-My Net Prophet

Here’s what people are saying about your instructor

"In the past, I haven't always asked for testimonials as I find them a little conceited (or at least I used to). Now I realise the importance of having feedback from my students to give credibility and confidence to others so I have added a few below from various courses I teach offline." - Nick Stubbs

Photography Course Attendee


Photographer - New Business

Megan Was Starting a New Photography Business

Was brilliant to meet you and your family too, thank you so much for looking after us, it really was hugely appreciated.

I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the course, it was worth the money 10 times over - really, really brilliant.

I feel that I’ve learnt more than I ever could have hoped for and, even more amazingly for me - retained some of it! It was a real privilege to have a professional’s attention for two full days!

I’ve come away feeling so ready for making the next steps in starting my business that finding myself sat behind my desk at work is very frustrating!

Website Creation Course Attendee


New Website Creation

From an Offline Course on Local Business Websites

Hi Nick, My head is still buzzing!! Thank you so so much for a brilliant course - Flashlight brilliant!! I drove straight back home, had to share it all immediately with my partner! 

Am about to check availability of domain names. Will let you know which name I go for. I have read and re-read the notes you gave me and I am ready! I hope you have a great week with your lovely family.

All the very best Nick

New Business Start Up


New Business Start-Up

Turning a Hobby Into a Profession

I recently spent a fantastic day on a one to one course with Nick Stubbs. The day was tailored to my needs via a series of emails and a preliminary meeting and because of this I really felt I got everything I wanted out of the day.

We managed to fit in a mixture of Q and A, demonstration and hands-on practical work and the opportunity to learn from such an experienced photographer (and good teacher!) was priceless.

I left with a real feeling of confidence about the direction in which I wanted to take my hobby in terms of turning it into a profession in the future. Not only is Nick a great photographer, he’s also an enthusiastic mentor and a good guy to hang out with!

See The Value You Are Getting With My Net Prophet

It has taken me 15 years of trial, error, training and studying what works when selling anything online. Whether that is with affiliate marketing, eBook sales, stock imagery or building a great looking website that gets found by your potential clients.

I normally charge £495 a day for one-to-one training and that is very reasonable by anyone's standards. Therefore, the cost for me to teach you these three courses on that basis would be at least £2500.

The standalone, online cost for each course at My Net Prophet would be:

Building Websites That Work


Creating and Selling eBooks


Shooting and Selling Stock Video




...which is still incredibly good value!

The whole idea behind My Net Prophet is to not only teach you something, but to show you how to make it work. I have always prided myself on seeing the best in people and helping them succeed. Not just through my own teachings but by bringing out skills and confidence in them that they didn't know they had.

I also see the potential and possible pitfalls in their ideas and plans and feel able to help my students find the best route for their business whatever the topic.

All Courses

Instant access to everything below


499 349

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All 3 Courses
Community +

"All courses" plus everything below


499 349 + £20pm

  • Lifetime Access to 3 Courses
  • Immediate Start
  • Full Access to Community/Social Media Section
  • Free Access to All Future Courses
  • Regular Live Q & A's
  • Page + Link in Business Directory

Course Enrollments end on September 30th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

It goes without saying that the success of your business is directly related to the ongoing and consistent effort that you are prepared to put in. It takes time to build an online business or website for your local, offline business but if you find that after 30 days it isn't for you, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

All Courses

Instant access to everything below


499 349

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All 3 Courses
Community +

All courses plus everything below


499 349 + £20pm

  • Lifetime Access to 3 Courses
  • Immediate Start
  • Full Access to Community/Social Media Section
  • Free Access to All Future Courses
  • Regular Live Q & A's

Frequently Asked Questions

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A personal note from Nick

I have spent a large part of my adult life helping and teaching others. I created this website and its courses to help people succeed in the online world. Whether starting an online business or growing your offline business in the online world, I sincerely hope you decide to become a member so we can face the challenges ahead, in life and business, together!

Nick Stubbs - My Net Prophet
My Net Prophet

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